For Future Joint Venture Partners—Opportunities to Collaborate with Flooid Power Systems

Flooid Power Centers will be built and operated in markets around the world. FPS, Inc. is actively seeking Joint Venture partners who add value and want to participate in our growth.

  • The “heart” of Flooid Power is our patented cascading heat pump, proven to be 3x better than the best commercially available system. Our cascading heat pump has a range of applications in many markets, and FPS is seeking Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in the HVAC and refrigeration industries for Joint Ventures and other collaborations.
  • Flooid Power Centers will provide reliable, affordable renewable electricity on a local and regional basis, and will be built using local contractors with regional capabilities. FPS seeks relationships with companies in the following industries: Construction, machining and fabrication, engineering and design, and OEMs in the electrical, turbine, pump, and refrigeration industries.
  • Flooid Power’s patented, high-efficiency cascading air compression system uses less than half the electricity than does the best currently available compressor. FPS seeks Joint ventures with OEMs in the air compression industry, and with fabrication and machining companies to build these systems.

To explore the possibility of working with Flooid Power Systems, email us at