Powered by the Planet

Thermal energy from the sun (heat) exists abundantly in the air around us. Flooid Power captures the sun’s heat and converts it into electricity at utility scale—continuous, affordable, 100% renewable energy anywhere on solid ground.

Flooid Power’s patented heat pump system is the world’s most efficient at capturing and concentrating ambient heat, and the Flooid Tower converts it into electricity via displacement, a function of gravity. Flooid Power uses super-efficiently compressed air to displace our high-density, low-drag, non-toxic fluid (flooid), developing continuous motive flow to drive modified hydropower turbines—that’s why we call it Hydropower in a Tower®.

Continuous. Reliable. Renewable.

Using our novel, patented re-configuration of mature, existing technologies (mechanical compressors, blowers, heat pumps, heat exchangers, turbines, etc.), Flooid Power converts ambient heat in the air into electricity. Our breakthrough innovation in air compression, heat capture and conversion enables Flooid Power to use ambient heat and buoyant forces, which exist everywhere on Earth, to make electricity.

Via displacement, a function of gravity, Flooid Power converts super-efficiently compressed air energy and otherwise-wasted heat into moving flooid, which drives modified hydroelectric turbines to produce electricity.

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How It Works

Flooid Power is not the first to harness (or try to harness) the Earth’s natural power –since the days of Archimedes and before, people have used displacement and heat to do work and improve their lives. In past centuries, water wheels powered mills to grind wheat and cut lumber; in modern times, hydroelectricity powers cities and towns around the globe.
Now is the time for Flooid Power.