Powered by the Planet

Previous attempts to generate usable amounts of affordable electricity using buoyancy in water have all failed — the energy in is always greater than the energy out. What’s different about Flooid Power? The patent-pending Flooid Power process uses ultra-efficiently compressed air to displace our super-dense, extra low-drag, non-toxic flooid — all within a closed, controlled system that maximizes motive forces to produce a significant net energy gain.

Continuous. Reliable. Renewable.

Flooid Power is energy developed by a source that’s not going away anytime soon — the gravity inherent in Earth’s mass. Unlike intermittent renewable energy sources like solar and wind, Flooid Power is as constant and reliable as the Earth itself. And unlike finite resources like fossil fuels, gravity doesn’t get depleted — or produce greenhouse gases — as we use it to generate electricity. Flooid Power is Hydropower in a Tower, except without a dam, flowing water, or the sun as the initiating energy source. Turns out the most powerful natural generator on the planet … is the planet.

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How It Works

Flooid Power is not the first to harness (or try to harness) the Earth’s natural power to create energy for everyday use — since the days of Archimedes, people have used gravity, displacement, and buoyancy to do work for us. In past centuries, it was water wheels powering mills; in modern times, it’s been hydroelectric. Now, the time has come for Flooid Power.