New Patent Pending HVAC technology that will change the world for the better!

As a by-product of our Power Generation technology, FPS has developed an industry leading HVAC system that offers huge energy savings over conventional systems. This new system is also able to operate in a much larger temperature range, from as low as -20F, as a Heat Pump, to as high as +140F, as an AC. This will allow the FPS HVAC unit to operate in most of the developed world!

The results shown below indicate that our FPS HVAC system is very efficient, reducing the impact on the energy grid for the same amount of work as a traditional system. Our system will save at least 70-80% of both heating and cooling over a traditional system.

Another benefit of our new system, with its ability to operate in such low temperatures, is that there is no need for a traditional backup heating system. This means a reduction of capital costs for equipment and installation.

The Technical Details:

Our initial 2.5T testing unit has been showing highly favorable results with COPs averaging between 5-7, while retaining 85-100% of the rated capacity. See the below charts for the latest test results, showing traditional systems against the FPS HVAC system (show as the green line). We have on-going testing, with improvements every week on control and operation, further improving overall efficiency and performance.

Testing results from (3/31/23):

As a Heat Pump unit:

  • 2.5 Ton system operates @ 4.1 plus tons of capacity (using only 60% of the compressor capacity)
  • Average COP: 5.0 to 6.5
  • Range: 70 F to -20 F and lower
  • Capacity: 100% at all temperature ranges
  • HSPF2 rating: 15 and higher
  • Turn down @ 47 F: 50% at 100% capacity
  • Turn down @ 5 F: 50% at 100% capacity
  • Turn down @ -20 F: 50% at 100% capacity

As a A/C unit:

  • 2.5 Ton system operates @ 4.1 plus tons of capacity
  • Average COP: 3.0 to 5.0 (based on last week’s control method)
  • SEER rating: 22.86
  • Range: 70 F to 140 F and higher with 100% rejection of heat
  • Capacity: 100% at all temperature ranges

FPS is actively working with OEM HVAC manufacturers to help bring this new technology to the markets through licensing and JVC agreements.

To explore the possibility of working with us on the FPS HVAC system, email us at