Energy-saving Heat Pump Field Test/Pilot

Flooid Power Systems, Inc. seeks homeowners or businesses in Massachusetts and Connecticut interested in participating in a pilot field study and data collection project. This study will track the real-world performance of our newly developed, state-of-the-art, high-efficiency heat pump/AC/hot water system, which will significantly reduce energy use and operating costs.

This new technology will meet 100% of your heating, cooling, and hot water needs, eliminating the need for separate AC, furnace, and hot water systems—while also dramatically cutting power use and overall cost.

If you’re interested in this opportunity to have our new technology installed in your home or business at a reduced price, before it’s available to the general public, please fill out the questionnaire below, or else contact Ben Schwartz at 978-886-9066 or email

Converting from your current fossil fuel-fired, forced hot air furnace to FPS’s new high-efficiency heat pump/air conditioning/hot water system is a convenient process, will substantially reduce energy use and operating costs, and will provide 4-season comfort for your home or business. The unit operates efficiently even at very low temperatures (-25F or lower), so there’s no need for a backup heat source. The system also supplies 100% of domestic hot water needs, eliminating the need for a combustion-based water heater.

As the diagram below demonstrates, your old furnace will be replaced with FPS’s system, which includes a small combination heat exchanger located outside the residence or business. Once the unit’s installed, you’ll enjoy year-round comfort knowing you’ve reduced your carbon foot print and helped protect the planet.

Conversion from your current fossil fuel-fired, forced hot water furnace to FPS’s heat pump/hot water system is quick and easy, and will substantially lower your energy use and operating costs. Your inefficient combustion furnace is replaced by new heat pump system, which also includes a small outside combination heat exchanger. And because FPS’s system delivers the same 180°F hot water as your old furnace, you won’t need to alter your current baseboard heating setup, saving money. And because our design is so efficient, you can enjoy cold-weather comfort knowing you’re doing your part to reduce your carbon footprint and protect the planet.

–No need for a back up heat source, reliable across the range of temperatures.
—Meets 100% of domestic hot water needs.

If you change out your combustion-fired forced hot water heating system with FPS’s baseboard heat pump, you can also add AC with a small amount of additional equipment and cost (combination heat exchanger and condenser, normally associated with mini split systems. Simple remove old furnace and relace with new heat–pump system along with outside combination heat exchanger and add inside mini split evaporators.

—No need for a back-up heat source
—Meets 100% of domestic hot water needs

Questionnaire—Heat pump pilot study