• Efficiently, reliably heats or cools in temps below -37˚F and above 140˚F
    • Reduces electricity use by 50%-75% over conventional mini-splits.
    • Scalable design for residential and commercial systems (2.5-300+ tons)
    • No backup heating needed.
    • Makes over 180˚F hot water for domestic use/hydronic heating. Can also make steam.
    • Competitor AC systems either don’t function at high temps, or else they need to be oversized, costing more upfront and over time

If you change out your combustion-fired forced hot water heating with FPS’s hydronic system, you can also add AC with a small amount of additional equipment and cost (combination heat exchanger and condenser, normally associated with mini-split systems). Simply remove your old furnace and replace it with FPS’s heat pump, outside heat exchanger and inside mini-split evaporators.

—No need for a back-up heat source
—Meets 100% of domestic hot water needs