Global Impact

Flooid Power is an important new factor in the world’s Energy Equation, able to sustainably generate affordable, distributed, utility-scale power anywhere there’s solid ground.

Flooid-Powered Plasma Gasification Plant

Flooid-Powered Desalination Plant

Environmental Benefits, Global Markets

In large part because of human activity, the Earth’s atmosphere is capturing and retaining too much heat—causing the climate crisis that affects the entire planet. Powered by the Planet™, Flooid Power captures some of that heat and converts it into electricity, also taking advantage of gravitational and buoyant forces. Flooid Power can be scaled to provide reliable, affordable power globally—that’s why Flooid Power is patented around the world.

Flooid Power does not extract and burn energy sources from the Earth, as do fossil fuel mining and combustion. Proliferation of Flooid Power technology will help bring truly sustainable development to all parts of the world — no matter how remote or lacking in infrastructure.

Power Where You Need It

Flooid Power’s standalone energy production will hasten infrastructure development in places where reliable electricity is currently unavailable, improving quality-of-life and giving the developing world access to affordable, uninterrupted power. Lower short- and long-term costs make market entry possible for those lacking modern power infrastructure. Short payback time and profitability are ideal for farmers’ cooperatives, businesses, local governments, and other stakeholders.

Efficient Design & Construction Enables Rapid Growth

Flooid Power Centers have a replicable, scalable design, and component systems will be manufactured efficiently, using local high-capacity suppliers at a pace to meet demand.

For new construction, Flooid Power can be incorporated into the design of new buildings in large urban centers to conserve space and create an integrated grid. Rapid global growth will be achieved through joint ventures and licensing of our patented technology.

Local Power Adds Reliability, Benefits Customers

Flooid Towers are designed for microgrids and distributed power applications, in which power generation is sited close to the end user, improving demand response, minimizing line loss, and reducing costs. Distributed generation strengthens power grids, adding redundancy and reliability. Flooid Towers can be designed to meet virtually any power requirement or location.