Powered by the Planet®

Hydropower in a Tower®

The Flooid Tower

Flooid Power uses solar heat and displacement, a function of gravity, to generate affordable, continuous electricity for homes and businesses—all within a self-contained, non-polluting unit that pays for itself in 3-5 years, depending upon market served, rate structure, etc.

Flooid Power Systems has designed, patented, built, and tested our breakthrough energy system, which can deliver reliable, affordable, local, 100% renewable power anywhere on solid ground.

Two patented technologies operate in tandem to produce Flooid Power—a high-efficiency gas injection system and the Flooid Tower, which converts heat from the sun into electricity.

Flooid Power is designed primarily for microgrids and distributed power applications, in which generation is sited close to the end user, improving demand response and minimizing line loss. Distributed generation systems significantly strengthen power grids, adding redundancy and reliability.

Flooid Power, Building the Future

  • From November, 2021-December, 2022, Flooid Power Systems (FPS) successfully tested our short-term, low-cost, low-output pilot FT125. The pilot has confirmed the design and engineering for our first commercial Flooid Power Center, a Beta Plant that will sell electricity to local customers and a municipal utility in Massachusetts.
  • Flooid Power’s Beta Plant, a 5-15MW FT125, is scheduled for completion in Spring, 2024, and will be FPS’s first fully operational, customer-connected Flooid Power Center. The Beta Plant will enable development of a scalable design to serve any market with affordable, reliable, 100% renewable Flooid Power.

Flooid’s Path Forward

FT125, Flooid Power’s 5-15 MW Distributed Energy “Workhorse”

Flooid Power’s Beta Plant, a 5-15 MW FT125, is scheduled for completion in Spring, 2024, and will be our first fully operational, customer-connected Flooid Power Center.

FT125 Beta Plant, 5-15 MW Continuous Output

  • Portion of green space above used for trough-style thermal collectors.
  • Combination of Rankine and Brayton Cycles, concentrated solar collectors for additional heat, and proprietary thermal storage technology ensure 24/7 production.


FT125 “Hidden in Plain Sight”—Noiseless & Emissions-Free

• Flooid Towers blend in—Structural sheathing customized for the surroundings, can look like brick, modern, or clapboard buildings, farm silo, camouflage for military bases, etc.

Flooid Power's Future is the World's Future

  • Versatile, Scalable: FT125 can be built as standalones or clusters for the wide variety of customers and applications. Flooid Power will serve high-volume users directly, and will sell electricity to the grid for residential and business use.
  • Ideal Distributed Energy Asset: With the ability to build multiple, smaller-scale Flooid Power Centers that can be “hidden in plain sight” near our customers, FPS will focus initially on the FT125.
  • “Distributed Grid” model adds redundancy and reliability to electrical service, minimizing cascade failures.
  • Flooid Power’s Beta Plant will enable FPS to refine the engineering, design, and layout for future projects, minimizing cost and delay as we scale to build higher-output systems.
  • Flooid Power Centers have a small footprint and high, continuous ouput, comparing favorably with both renewable and “legacy” power producers such as combustion and nuclear.
  • Operational 24/7/365, with thermal storage and redundancy of equipment to ensure production during maintenance periods.

On-site Power in an Urban Setting

  • With a small footprint and high continuous output, Flooid Power’s future includes providing on-site, distributed power in cities around the world.
  • Reliable, redundant, Flooid-Powered microgrids will maximize efficiency while eliminating dips and outages.
  • Flooid Power is a perfect fit for new construction projects. Requiring just 200 sq/ft per floor up-and-down 12-25 floors of a building (similar to an elevator shaft), plus part of the roof for thermal collectors, Flooid Power provides standalone, continuous electricity for that building and a few adjacent buildings of similar size.
  • The owner of the “host building” not only saves on energy costs, but also makes revenue by selling power to the local microgrid.

Small Footprint, High Continuous Output

  • Converting the sun’s heat into electricity, Flooid Power has no fuel costs, makes no emissions.
  • Flooid Power facilities are compact, comparing favorably with both renewable and legacy power producers.
  • Operational 24/7/365
  • Low cost per MW of installed capacity
  • A 10-MW FT-125 will produce 240,000 KWH per day, enough for 7,500 average US homes.